The use of essential oils is on the rise as many people have discovered the magical powers of the sense of smell in conjunction with essential oils. They can be used for everything from skin care to relaxation and even digestive health. If you are looking to use essential oils in your daily life, it is important to know the most popular essential oils and what they are used for.

1. Marjoram
Listed at the top of the most popular essential oils list on, marjoram has many therapeutic properties. The primary therapeutic property in marjoram is to calm hyperactivity and relieve anxiety. This is a great essential oil if you have digestive issues as well. The combination of calming effects and digestive assisting properties make marjoram a highly popular essential oil.

2. Roman Chamomile
The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy lists Roman chamomile as the number one most commonly used essential oil. Roman chamomile has several healing properties. It is commonly used for menstrual cramps, as a sedative, to relieve anxiety and stress, to treat insomnia, and it is great for soothing children. Roman chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Lemon
Lemon oil has many curative properties. Not only is it great to use as a household cleaner it is also a powerful antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic agent. Lemon oil has great skincare properties and can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles by promoting circulation and evening out skin tone.

4. Bergamot
Natural Living Ideas has bergamot listed in their number one position of essential oils that you must have. Bergamot is best known for its flavoring in Earl Grey tea and Turkish delight. The essential oil possesses the same fresh scents and aromas. Bergamot essential oil is great for balancing mood and helping skin to heal.

5. Cedarwood
One of the most important essential oils in healing is cedarwood, mainly due to its calming properties that help battle stress. Cedarwood has also been used to treat urinary tract infections and to help with skin problems. It is noted for being an uplifting essential oil that creates a positive mood.

6. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has antiseptic, expectorant, insecticide, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and stimulant properties.

7. Lavender
One of the best aromatherapy essential oils is lavender. This therapeutic essential oil has a calming effect and can help relieve symptoms of anxiety. Mind Body Green notes that it has antiseptic and pain-relieving properties as well, so it can be used to treat minor burns, insect bites, or stings.

8. Clove
Dr. Axe has clove listed as his number one essential oil must have. Clove has antibacterial properties. Not only that, but it has anti-parasitic and antioxidant protection. Clove essential oil provides a strong relaxing smell and is great medicinally.

9. Frankincense
Frankincense can help you feel at ease when diffused during prayer or meditation. It can also be added to skin creams to help your skin feel healthy and smooth.

10. Jasmine
If you’re looking for an essential oil with an aromatic bouquet, Jasmine essential oil is one of the best. Jasmine features an exotic scent and is a perfect middle or base note that can be blended with heftier scents like sandalwood or lighter choices like rose. Jasmine is supposed to be a wonderful aphrodisiac and antidepressant. It is also a great scent to diffuse in the house to create a fresh flowery aroma.
No matter what you’re looking for in an essential oil, these ten will probably have it. Whether you’re looking for something to liven up your life or a calm soothing sent, these ten oils will serve your needs.