4 Most Popular Essential Oils

Some essential oils are considered must-haves by aromatherapy practitioners. The following 4 essential oils should be kept on hand for the many benefits they deliver.


Lavender is considered the “universal oil” in aromatherapy circles. A very calming scent, lavender treats burns and stings, cuts and bruises, and is also effective for combating allergies, cancer, cold sores, dandruff, menstrual cramps and insomnia.


Roman chamomile is so named because Roman centurions and gladiators used it to clear their mind and imbue themselves with courage. The fruity scent is calming and relaxing, and most of the conditions treated by lavender are covered by chamomile. Club feet, dysentery, menopause, rashes, restless legs and stress are also effectively treated.


From cancer to wrinkles, frankincense treats dozens of mental and physical conditions. Ulcers and scarring also improve with an aromatherapy treatment of frankincense. Your vision and memory improve, inflammation lessens, and depression and confusion also disappear when you smell the oil from the frankincense tree.


Peppermint oil is great for regulating a healthy digestive system. It works well as an insect repellent and settles nausea. This minty aroma is an antioxidant, fights asthma and improves brain injuries, and is used to cool the body and clear your mind.

Lemon, oregano, rosemary, sandalwood, grapefruit and ginger are all versatile oils as well.