Can Aromatherapy Really Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress truly is a killer. When you experience stress continuously, this negative mental condition can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, psychological issues and even personality disorders. One way to alleviate stress in your life is through the application of aromatherapy.

Certain aromas have been proven to actually alter your brain chemistry. This can bring down stress levels, lowering the production of stress causing hormones. Your brain’s response to these favorable aromas also releases hormones which relax and soothe you.

The scent of grapefruit for many people has a balancing and uplifting effect. It gives you a sense of ability or effectiveness that can help you deal with a stressful situation. The aroma of fennel causes a courageous boost of self-belief and actual physical strength. These 2 qualities can empower you through many stressful encounters.

Geranium is a scent that actually works directly on your nervous system. Almost instantly after smelling geranium, anxiety, stress and even depression levels begin to drop. Aromatherapy used to be considered a pseudoscience. Now we know that it can effectively be used to treat stress naturally, as well as a long list of other mental and physical conditions and ailments.