How Aromatherapy Benefits Your Nervous System

Some essential oils, through either massage or aroma, quickly treat the nervous system. Since the nervous system closely links the mind and body, the oils that influence your nerves have multiple benefits.

Clary sage, lavender, melissa, chamomile, juniper, marjoram and rosemary all have calming, sedative, analgesic and/or antiseptic properties. They calm the nerves that trigger activities in your muscles, and are also influential over your sense of pain and how relaxed you feel.

Your nervous system is closely related to more internal processes than any of your other systems. So you will see the essential oils listed above used frequently as “treat all” applications though massage and in aromatherapy diffusers.

Many of the essential oils used to treat your nervous system are highly potent. Too much peppermint can be overpowering, but this mint is effective when used in small doses. When massage is combined with an aromatherapy diffuser the effect can be very strong, and these essential oils should be used in very small quantities.

A healthy autonomic nervous system is important for overall health, mentally and physically. Because of this, essential oils for nervous system treatment should be kept on hand. When combined with oils that treat the digestive, cardiovascular and/or endocrine systems, the rapid positive effect on the patient can produce literally life-changing results.